World Beyond your thoughts!!

Sometimes, not feeling well can be a boon to you! And this blog of mine is an outcome of uneasiness because of changing weather. Not feeling like doing anything, I started reading an interesting book that caught my attention with its very 1st line: “There are three kinds of people in this world….” Before I could finish the first paragraph itself, a complete new dimension of thoughts struck my mind and I was forced to get interrupted and start writing here. I never wanted to let this thought vanish because of my indulgence in that book.

What is the world beyond your thought? Does this question make sense at all? You are just not supposed to know the answer to this. And if you do, you’re lying of course, because that means you have thought about it! You don’t know what you “don’t” know! Then how one person knows more than the other? Or rather I should say how one person knows that he knows more than the other. I tried to explore what triggers a new thought in mind! The first thing, I believe, is accepting the fact that there IS a world beyond your thoughts. If you are open to new ideas and don’t trap yourself in the scope of your knowledge you will find the plethora of knowledge waiting for you to be explored.

Second is to get out of the boundaries of learning what you know you don’t know. Like I know that I don’t know how to read an X-ray; I don’t know how to play golf; I don’t know how to play guitar. There can be hundreds of things which I know I want to learn but if I will go with the mindset of learning things first and then exploring the new ones, I would probably spend my whole life in the former and would still be left with countless things to learn. The idea is to explore while you learn. Learn and innovate in parallel. Broaden your horizon of learning while broadening the scope of the existing knowledge. Had Aryabhatta settled down with the mere invention of ‘zero’, we would have never reached the extremities of mathematics, we are at today.

Questions are everywhere! It is not always necessary to challenge the existing facts and notions and then trying hard to find something new in the fight to disprove them. They might be right! We need to explore what has been unanswered till today! It can be as funny as why the participants for Miss UNIVERSE are always ONLY from earth!! J On a serious note, Just imagine the depth of the information you will get if you genuinely question the questions like the one above.
The Business today needs the same thing. The innovation and research is no more limited to science and technology. An organization with 1000 people is not just about 2000 working hands and eyeballs but more about 1000 thinking minds with each producing 70000 thoughts in a day. That means around 24 millions thoughts are generated in that company premises assuming 8 hrs of working at the rate of 1 thought per person every 1.2 seconds. But Alas! There is no system in place to constructively capture or align even a fraction of these thoughts. 

We can either wait for the systems to be in place first or start from ourselves to be the change agents for the future. So let’s go explore the world beyond our thoughts. Find one thing each day which you didn't know earlier. And you will see the difference you bring to world!!

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  1. beautifully written.. this blog forced me to just sit down for a while and and think upon it..!!