Teleportaion: The holy grail for logistics

I was just browsing the internet for something new and interesting and fortunately came across a really nice article on teleportation. As I was going through the text, my imagination with regard to the capabilities of teleportation went really wild and unrealistic (Well! as of today). Just imagine if matter could travel @ speed of an electronic wave.

The successful testing of Large Hadron Collider (LHC) last year, is a clear cut indication of there being something that is still hidden from mankind. Something that is way beyond what Science has been able to explain which has got the potential to challenge all the existing limitations to speed of matter. 

Teleportation – The capability to transport the matter through a process of dis-integration and integration at the destination point. The technology that will bring a paradigm shift in the transportation of goods around the globe. Looking at the growing congestion in transportation infrastructure and the grid-lock constraining the growth of economy, teleportation is going to be the holy grail for transportation. Just imagine, the journey of thousands of miles will be done in seconds that too without the use of any road infrastructure or diminishing fossil fuels.

But looking at the other side of coin, there are some interesting questions that still remain unanswered:
If transportation takes a leap to teleportation, what would happen to all the cross border custom regulations? How the mass inflow-outflow will be controlled by any country. The even bigger fear will be that this technology is going to be “the mother of all Job killers” by making the heavy vehicle industry and millions of truck drivers obsolete.  But it will be interesting to see the emergence of some interesting job, may be like, Teleportation mass-flow controller, Teleportation analyst etc.

Being associated to logistics industry, I am equally excited and concerned about Teleportation but as it is said change is the only thing which is constant. Things would never remain the same in future as they are today. From postal letters to Emails, from landlines to mobiles, from radio to iphone, technology has always been embraced by mankind and has always conquered in all spheres of life making the life of people better, faster and easier.

I am waiting for the day when I would no more have to wait for my mom’s next visit to taste her hand-made curries. She would just teleport the same to me before lunch and it would reach me fresh and hot..


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