Passion-Fear-Guilt....You choose!!!

Sehwag’s double century play – Passion
Studying overnight to clear the exam tom. – Fear
Studying the next day of the exam for the exam next year – Guilt
Me writing the blog here today – Passion + Fear + Guilt

At times, I wonder what drives us to do something we want to do. Is it passion, fear, guilt or all of them together (or may be something else!). The thought crossed my mind when I was literally struggling to pen down my next blog here! I miss those days when I used to write at least once a week. Am I short of Gloconomic stuff now? No!! Ask my wife, whom I bother with such discussion every now and then!! Am I more occupied than my MBA period? Not possible!! I can never forget the burning of mid-night oil to sail through that period. Then what is stopping me to continue my hobby??

The only reason I find is the shift of the driver from Passion to Guilt with each passing day and I believe this happens with most of us, most of the time!!!
I started off pretty well last year with my blog that gradually turned into with more than 200 hits a day. I worked on it passionately to bring Gloconmics into top 1000 websites in its domain on Technorati. I was approached by advertising firms to include their ads on my blogsite. It was all going pretty well and the only thing that was driving Gloconomics was my passion to blogging.

But behind all these developments the fear of placements after MBA was fostering. And that fear changed my passion of blogging to a fearful force so that I can encash on my website. I started working more on my blog to make it better and better but I never knew I had already chosen a path of downturn.

The fear can definitely make you perform better but only for a certain period of time.

As fear is gone, the performance vanishes. If you see the diagram shown above, the performance first increases exponentially while you are passionate to do something. Then the rate decreases, although performance increase, as the fear develops in the mind. Gradually, as the fear vanishes, the person gets into a relaxation phase where the performance towards a particular activity decreases drastically until he/she realizes the guilt of missing that activity.

For me it was the same thing, I went into hibernation as I got a good job and got settled with that. Although, I was always excited to write but the inertia of rest during that relaxation period didn’t let me write.  Finally, today I am back to my blog to at least make this evident for you all so that, if you are also stuck in that circle of deceit, may be this blog would help you to re-live those moments you had when you were passionate of probably gaming, cooking, cricket, reading, dancing, biking, gymming. Things which you always wanted to do but are not able to continue anymore.

Don’t let your passion ever go out of your performance and gradually, you will see a massive difference between those who work with passion and who work with guilt!! And that is what would make you class apart!!


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