The time value of 'JOY'

T I M E   V A L U E   O F   J O Y

Tick! What plans for the long weekend! We are going for a road trip! Wanna Join?

Tick! Team, This Saturday is going to be crucial as we are going live on our project! Let’s make ourselves available over the weekend for the back up!

Tick! Weekend Bonanza, Indulge yourself at Phoneix and get a chance to win for anything you buy!

I have always wondered about the best way to deal with this constant inflow of information that comes with tremendous opportunities, responsibilities, risks, happiness etc. and tries to invade my every single moment.

The “Tick” above represents the sound I generally hear whenever there is an email in my inbox. And this was just a small example of conflicting interests I go through almost every day.

How to prioritize each one of them? No task comes with a label of amount of benefit/ loss or Joy/Sorrow it will bring with itself. As I had captured a glimpse of it in my last blog here, all such feelings travel in time and space with varied intensity at any moment.

Some things are no brainer! Clearly you would want to pay attention to your boardroom presentation next day than dining out with friends last night at the cost of your preparation. But what to do with all other seemingly important or exciting stuff!! Everything on professional and personal front will try its best to grab your attention and take a piece off your time cake!

There is frequently a trade-off between being happy and care-free now versus being stable and content later. Many people will often say – resist instant indulgence! Sacrifice! Save!

I am confused!

I have lived in both the worlds at different points in time! Have been care-free and indulgent at times and also sacrificing and perseverant the other!

Just like time value of money, I see time value of ‘Joy’ !! Joy today is more valued than the same amount of happiness in future! For instance, you would have seen the joy on a kid’s face who is just given a sugar candy of his liking. You cannot see the same amount of joy if you give the same candy to the same kid – 10 years down the line. Mathematically:

The rate (r) of depreciation of joy can be different for different people. Moreover, even the definition of joy can be different for different people. But what is more important is to figure out what gives you true happiness and do your best to get it! At times, giving joy to others can make you feel accomplished (like we do for our loved ones) or sometimes, you might have to compete and win your happiness!! Just go for it! There’s nothing wrong in that!

The happiness missed today, is gone forever! You might get a different happiness tomorrow for your sacrifices today but what is missed now at this moment can never be lived again!

I read some really beautiful lines on somebody’s blog the other day:

“Don’t forget that what makes you feel happy, accomplished, and at ease in the here-and-now is worth more than the same in the future. Also, it’s better to figure out who you are now and to succeed at what really makes you happy today than to guess at what will make you happy in the future and scheme and plot to put yourself into position to make that happen.”

It is good to ‘invest’ in happiness (and that’s what we do most of the times) but one should never (even unknowingly) kill today’s happiness in pursuit of tomorrow.

The time of JOY is NOW !!!

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