When mind fails...!!!

Just had one of the tough days of my life yesterday. Nothing unusual, of course. Everyone has crests and troughs in their life but not very frequently we would be happy to have that day. For me, yesterday was one such day because the situation I was in, made me ponder upon numerous situations when we are simply clueless about what to do next! And there came my next blog: “When mind fails!” In line with the theme of Gloconomics: Expanding hidden issues, this blog is a true effort to pen down all such situations when it becomes extremely difficult for us to take a call. We are either helpless or incapable or unaware of the situation but whatever it is, end of the day we are left with no solution. Since it is creation of my mind I believe I might have been through these situations although I do not remember them now (It’s good to forget at times!!!) and I am sure you would have been through most of them by now. Let me know your thoughts!

I am sure you will cherish it more if you go slowly, one-by-one on each of the below point.

Your mind fails to give you a solution:

1. When you are speaking the truth but you think that the other person is thinking you are lying and you have no objective means to prove that truth.

2. When you desperately want someone to do something but you cannot straight away ask for it because saying it will definitely spoil all the goodness that act is supposed to bring and it is quite likely that once spoken verbally it will rather have a negative impact if done afterwards.

3. When you really want to express to the other person what you feel about him/her but you think that saying it will make it look artificial and planned and might not reflect your true feelings.

4. When you sacrifice a lot for someone/something but that doesn’t get evident and on top of that is taken for granted.

5. When you love 2 people and you are trapped in a situation where giving happiness to one is bound to hurt the other. And you in between do not need anything for yourself just that you want the other two to be happy.

6. When you have 2 options in hand – one challenges your self-respect, is uncertain and makes you accept whatever happens to you due to other’s actions but is surely a lesser loss option, while the second demands your strict stand on one thing, is certain with lesser gain or higher loss at the end of the day. Which one to take?

7. When you have to take a call between time and money.

8. When you have to sacrifice today’s happiness for tomorrow’s (apparently bigger) happiness or vice versa

9. When you are striving for something you don’t have and you also know you can’t have it by any means. It is literally impossible for you at least in this life.

10. When you see something going wrong but you think that your involvement will make it worse.  Although, you never know!

Last but the most powerful:

11. When you realise that past is irreversible, future is not certain and present has just passed while reading this line! J
           So what would be your stand…to struggle with your mind to get a solution or leave it on fate?


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