It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity
– Albert Einstein

Einstein said these words more than 6 decades ago. And I must say the extent to which Technology has reached today, it has crossed all barriers of imagination and thoughts one can think of. Especially with the invention of Internet, followed by Smartphones; technology has outlived the above statement literally.

Remember the endless laughter you enjoyed with family/friends last time! It was amazing isn’t it? If I ask you to narrate me the whole situation, you can relive the good times you had. Now, do you remember the last time you typed ‘LOL’ on watsapp? Pretty short lived isn’t it!  What’s missing?

The soul is missing - touch is missing.

We are not living in the era of technology but touch-no-logy. I am afraid with every step of advancement in technology we are losing touch with the person. We have more devices than ever to communicate but people have never felt more isolated. There is a big difference between the efficient passing of information and truly connecting with each other to build and maintain relationships. The ‘smart’ touch can never be smart enough to replace personal touch to things and people.

This leaves me with a question to how far words and media can capture your true feelings and emotions. No doubt, technology has come a long way with real time transmission of a part of you by way of skype, watsapp, facebook etc. but still something feels missing somewhere. With technology, we are connected but not. We are closer but not. We can be efficient & quick but not empathetic and available.

This gives me a feeling that may be we are just fooling ourselves in believing the fact that we are closer and available while in fact, we have gone far enough to be able to be there for the one who needs us. Technology can never ever replace love and human-ness. And it cannot be explained any better than the below video:


  1. Again excellent post. ..kudos.
    Fact is analytics are now applied even on touch points!!! Technology is after touch efficiency. But can it be an alternative to feelings....I think never.