The impact of little emperor generation on china political structure

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‘Little Emperor’: The term we would have seen umpteen number of times in economic newspapers talking about China. These papers have been discussing the impact of this generation on the china’s demographics and also the behavior of these little emperors that is driving the market growth and consumption pattern of the country. It has been a journey ‘so far so good’ for this generation but apart from the demographic challenge china is going to face in the long term because of the emergence of this generation there is one more concern that might evolve as this ‘little’ emperors grow to ‘young’ emperors – The challenge of policy acceptance. As we see today, china has been able to sustain its growth over the years majorly because of its excellent execution of the policies. No matter how harsh a policy be (like one child policy), china has been able to enforce it on people of china because of its communist political structure. But the latest generation is alarmingly different from the earlier generations of china and its upbringing has further made these little emperors way too demanding and less tolerant than their parents and grandparents. Tomorrow, when these children grow up, they are very likely to question the over demanding policies from the government and its forceful implementation. And this resentment, would surely give rise to an immense conflict between communist ideologies and people’s thought process.

I think though China has been able to grow at an unexpected pace but this growth has come at the stake of its future stability. The policies like one child and intentional Yuan control are going to have serious impacts in the coming future. It would be interesting to see how the potential superpower of tomorrow tackles this growing concern.


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