Internet: " The Death out-of overload"

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Today there are close to 188 million websites hosted on internet (Netcraft Survey, 2009) and the number is growing in thousands every passing month. Every website hosted is working towards differentiating its place on the web by adding more and more ‘unique’ stuff. But have we ever wondered how this ‘uniqueness’ is brought? When it takes years to bring a truly new invention how come these websites are putting in new information every day? To my understanding and experience, in the race of differentiation in the websites, the internet is gradually shifting from being a revolutionary information source to a multipoint, time consuming and complex information resource. With every passing day it is getting more and more difficult to find a single answer to simple query. It is always good to have alternative but having limited alternative arrived through conventional methods of information retrieval is much better than having thousands of alternative in no time, thanks to Google, and being sure of hardly one. Apart from certain trustworthy sources, freedom of expression and unrestricted access to internet has encouraged uploading of wrong or distorted information on net which is creating a ripple effect leading to distortion through new ‘misinterpreted’ uploads. The internet is leading to a serious tradeoff between authenticity and retrieval time.
Making the situation even worse, we have in pipeline Web2.0 and grid technology which would make internet thousands of times faster and thus even faster distortion of information.
This communication of wrong information is surely, misleading the growing learners of today and is going to have serious repercussions if not controlled. There is a serious need of shift of internet from content based to context based to have successful data search and for this enormous online data management and alignment would be needed otherwise, though, the man-minutes spent on internet will keep on increasing worldwide for quite some time but the sense full outcome of it would die down to ‘null’ sooner or later.

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