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Fortunately, the Business Strategy class of Dr. Contardo and Leadership lecture by Prof. Hackman structured my muddled thoughts on being creative and innovative that were baffling my mind for a long time. But still, the hidden issue that persists is that Are we actually able to create creative people by our pedagogy and technical expertise? When being creative and innovative means thinking ‘out-of-the-box’ then why do we have to structure it at first place? I don’t know, may be if I wasn’t told that earth is the only place that is apt for civilization to exist, probably I would have discovered one by now (though actually not!) in search of answer to which is the other place having civilization in this universe!!
From the day a baby is born, he is taught alphabets with an idea of communicating effectively. Then he is sent to school to learn all those universal laws, equations and formulae. After that he goes for higher education to gain expertise in what has been done so far in his specialization. And finally, when he lands in corporate world he is asked to be creative and think differently from what he has learned so far. Isn’t it funny!! I know many of you wouldn’t agree on this saying that unless we learn we will not be able to know what to be creative for! I agree with that but to me it seems like a double-edged sword. You are learning something so that you can do something that you have not learnt yet!!
I am sure, none of us can deny the fact that kids at times surprise us with the way they perceive things and the way they approach to a situation. Nobody would have taught a child to paint the globe white (in a painting competition) and saying that to me all the world is one!! But what happens to this child as he grows? He is taught the way things ARE from class to class to class to class, and ultimately the world wins in killing down the creativity of the child and engrossing him in the vicious circle of learning and unlearning. Many of us would have seen this child in the movie “Taare Zameen Par” by Aamir Khan.
Now comes the funniest part, after having gone through 16 years of schooling followed by 4 years of engineering, we go for Masters followed by PhD and then again the world starts expecting us to come up with creative and innovative things but I think by the time we are ready for “THE inventions”, for many of us it is too late. Family, Age, Security, Health are at their best demanding most of our time.
No doubt the world has seen many inventions time to time, thanks to ‘still’ creative people, but is it the best we could do with 6.6 billion people round the world. Definitely not! We ought to have much more potential.  Actually, why a child is creative and why not a boy or a man (mostly) is simply because a child has got time to be creative. He can really develop his own point of view with the things around. We on the other hand are occupied by everything under the sun but creativity and innovation. I am not cribbing about time availability but this THE reason I have felt why most of the innovations die right at the time they cross our mind just because we don’t get time to develop. Had this not been the reason, Google had not covered its office with White Boards all across the walls so that one can just jot down the idea then and there. After all, An Idea can change your life!! (so does for Google)

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