The Laptop Lazy

As I landed in Dubai for my next stint in global MBA, I was fortunate to enjoy relatively light schedule for the first week and get some time off schedule. But strangely, I observed that for 80% of the time I had, I was not alone at all. I was with my laptop. Yes I was chit chatting with friends, but that was on Gtalk. Yes I was playing cricket too but that was on EA Sports, Yes I was discussing about the world issues but that was on blogs. As in I was doing everything what we do when we socialize, but ironically, the most important ingredient of it was missing; the presence of people. The irony of the fact is that I am communicating this too using a laptop sitting alone. I don’t know how good or how bad this is going to be for Gen Y, and more for Gen Z, who like to be virtually in contact with closest of their friends. Heights are when somebody wishes his brother or sister, a B’day wish through a facebook message while lying in bed in the room next door. The physical efforts of doing something for somebody have gone down to the minimal movements of finger tips on a keyboard. We have really set a new benchmark of laziness for the generations to come. I wonder if we will soon demand a new platform that would avoid the hassle of moving even a mouse to a browser and typing the letters by just getting the information exchange through a mere thought of doing it. This laptop savvy-ness has challenged the mere purpose of having 6 degrees of freedom in human body. We really don’t want to get out of bed, leave the laptop for even a second. And even if we do so, we wonder what do we do now? What is it that I can do without a laptop that would please me? Surely, nothing. Our mind is always occupied by the googles, FTs and facebooks in the online world.  This reminds of a joke my wife told me the other day - A man was lying on a death bed and was asked to tell his last wish, if any. He immediately said: “Please change the status of my facebook as “DEAD!!!”   


  1. A great thought!! Very much a story of most of us - The Gen Y..We are so much engrossed in this so called 'e-socializing' that the relevance of the word 'socialize' is no more restricted to meeting or chit chatting face to face..Whether its the dearth of time or the distances - both physical and mental, that are to be blamed for this lifestyle, remains a question mark!

  2. The gap between 'absolute reality' and 'virtual reality' is converging. Only a matter of time before the human mind collapses from the dilemma! Again, nice job Gaurav.

  3. I like the term "virtual reality" Mahi. Surely, the technology paradox will continue to exist unless we learn to leverage the true value out of a product without getting spoiled by it.
    Thanks for the appreciation.