It is all about being positive..

Recently, in the class of Organizational Psychology, Prof. Christopher introduced us to the term Positive Psychology. After the session, I gave it a deep thought and a number of thoughts crossed my mind. I realized how important the 'positivity aspect' is in our lives. The genesis of Positive Psychology comes from the very realization by Martin Seligman how the DSMs (Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals of Mental Disorders) talk just about what can go wrong and hence he came up with DSMs counterpart – Character Strengths and Virtues which talks about what can go right. It’s not any more about knowing only the cons of an aspect but equally about the pros of it. The world is no more just about competition. It is about co-operation along with competition i.e. ‘co-opetition’. Similarly, the enemies may sometime in future be friends or vice versa and hence are our ‘frienimies’.
A growing child since the very beginning is told – Not to do this ; Not to do that; Not to go there ; the word ‘No’ becomes a big and a scary word for the little one and he gets used to getting directions, taking inputs which in turn kills his creativity. The irony of the fact is that when the same child grows up to be a man, he is asked to be creative at his best and come up with innovative solutions!! This thought has been beautifully brought out by Gaurav in his blog “John, Be Creative!
I have experienced it myself that the day I have a happy and calm start, the day goes very well. All positive! And if the start of the day is itself gloomy or hurried, the entire day is ruined. The book and the documentary ‘The Secret’ brings this out amazingly. It talks about how positive thoughts attract positivity and bring happiness to one’s life. On the other hand, the person who is negative in his approach attracts negativity and is destined to lose the race at the end of the day. This can be explained using ’80-20’ principle. 20% of the things happen to us, and 80% of it is how we react to it. It can also be related to the economic downturn. The market depends on what the people think about the market. If there is a bad news, people perceive the market to crash and it crashes. Thus apart from the measures that the leaders all over the world are taking, there is also a need for people to build trust in the economy. This, my friends, is the secret to success!!

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  1. very right ,positive thinking is must to go ahead in life.