It's time to re-invent HR

Human Resources Management has come a long way. It is no more about dealing with employees as if they were just resources; rather it is about working on ‘Employee Delight’. It is no more just about administrative jobs; rather it is about strategic role and change management role as well. But is this just a theory or is it really being practiced. Do the organizations trust their HR personnel with the strategic role or are they confined to administrative role till now.
Right from the Scientific Management theory by Taylor which spoke about having specific jobs for specific people and role of management as planner and controller, to the Management by objectives by Drucker, which speaks of SMART approach for management – the theories need to be reinvented. Management has moved far beyond planning and controlling; bureaucratic organizations are beginning to fade away and it’s time for flat organizational structure; Lean approach and innovation are at its best; Employee delight and Customer delight are being given equal importance as it is the people in the organization that differentiate one organization from the other – the new core competence!!
It was at the time of the economic downturn that the importance of HR was truly discovered. The M&As that were witnessed all over the world, one after the other, changed the gloconomics, and at the same time world saw the new face of HR. Strategically planning the marriages between the organizations and realigning - not only the firm but the employees, is a challenging task that is being faced in the light of changing era. This involves financial, strategic, marketing, psychological as well HRM abilities. Thus, with the growing need of HR personnel quantitatively, across the boundaries of the globe, there is also a need qualitatively, so that the HR managers are abreast with all the management issues and can be a part of solution whenever and wherever required. Only then can we say that HR has become ‘Strategic’!!

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