Did I exist the last moment??

Teleportation: The biggest conflict of Science and Spirituality

I tried to go deep into the subject when I was bombarded by various questions on teleportation after my last blog. Questions like if it is possible to teleport living organisms. How far have we reached to make teleportation, a reality? And some apparently teasing but seriously genuine questions like if I am afraid of extinction of the industry I am into (Logistics and Supply Chain).  I tried to dig out some interesting information that would possibly answer the questions you and I have in mind with regard to Teleportation but I must say that it is one subject in which the more you explore, the more confused you are.

Well, after being really convinced about feasibility of teleportation with the initial readings a did on internet by various people, once I again I felt back to square one when I encountered an interesting discussion about the spiritual laws this technology is bound to break. As explained by scientists: Teleportation simply means ‘deconstruction’ of an individual or an object at point A and subsequent ‘reconstruction’ of the exactly same object point B in a fraction of second, irrespective of the distance between the two points. This makes one thing very clear, as this is a ‘process’ it is bound to take TIME.  So technically speaking, this process breaks the continuity of existence, even if for a billionth of a second, therefore, effectively, as per current law, killing the individual.

This brings up a very valid question- if there is indeed a soul, or some sort of unique life-force that is a part of each human individual, what happens to it when a person is taken apart, atom by atom, and "teleported?" Is it detached and subsequently reattached upon re-materialization, is it taken apart along with the rest of individual and reassembled as effectively as his or her more material aspects, or is it simply lost somewhere in the process? Will the first test subjects be reconstructed without any ill effects, or rematerialize as mindless vegetables, empty bodies without thought or awareness? Only time will tell for sure.
Personally speaking, the future looks promising with respect to teleportation of non-living things (objects) for the time being, which would, of course, be revolutionary in itself and would change the way the world moves today. The Logistics and Supply chain industry would for sure become obsolete but I would say, rather than extinction, it would more of transformation of Logistics industry to Teleportation Industry creating an entirely different job set (as mentioned in my last blog)

As far as teleportation of human being is concerned, there is a big mental block (build by all our childhood scientific and spiritual study) that needs to get vanished first to further look forward to this technology.



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