The 'unknown' measures

The ‘unknown’ measures

Many of the things you can count, don't count. Many of the things you can't count, really count.” 
– Albert Einstein

I suddenly encountered the above line while I was browsing something not even remotely related to this quote ;-). That’s the magic of Google – it reduces your black hole (Things you don’t know that you don’t know!)

In this case, the 2nd half of the quote “…Many of the things you can’t count, really count” triggered a very genuine question in my mind. In the 21st Century world, is there still anything left out that is really important to us but we are not able to measure it yet? You will be surprised to see below, the things that are inherent part of us but we never realised that we just can’t measure them - in a concrete manner!!

I will be leaving you with lot of questions in this blog of mine because I really don’t know the answers and you, the reader of gloconomics, have to expand the hidden issue this time!!!

Have a look-

Knowledge – How do you measure knowledge? We always say “the more knowledge we gain, the wiser we become” but how do we exactly know how much we have gained? And more importantly, are we gaining knowledge at the right pace or not? Do Degrees/Certificates/ Licenses/Years of Experience/Type of Job etc. measure knowledge? May be, but not objectively.

Life –I remember the famous quote – Life is not about the no. of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away! But this doesn’t measure life completely. We never keep a track of the no. of such moments we have lived to compare ourselves with each other!! J I am not saying we cannot differentiate between a good life and a bad life, the point is if we could have some measure to measure Life, probably we could have improved our lives further. We could have some benchmarks/goals/competitions like organizational KPIs that define Success !

Emotions – We express countless emotions in our lifetime. Ever wondered how to measure each of them? We have emotions – happy, sad, angry etc; then we have adjectives – very, too much, slightly etc. Using the two together we can definitely have an ‘idea’ of the level of the emotion but again, we cannot compare my happiness with your happiness. Just imagine if we could have some standard measure of happiness, how easy it could have been to buy gift for anyone. We could have simply seen the happiness tag along with price tag and then take a call according to what our pocket allows and what amount of happiness we want to give to the other person. (Don’t know if it really made any sense:-? )

Health – In different phases of life, health increases and deteriorates. Sometimes, we are healthy, sometimes we are weak but when we are healthy we don’t know how much healthy we are. It is only when we are weak we realise we have not been healthy lately!!! :-p Something very reactive!!!  If I am allowed to give my wild thoughts here, just think if we had some universal standard indicator of health - we could monitor it, improve it, ignore it or do whatever we want to but at least we wouldn’t be caught unaware. Of course, we have thousands of clinical tests that give us the health status of different organs/parts of our body But I am desperately looking for some mathematical formula that takes all these measurements as parameters and gives me a single measure that gives me an answer to a seemingly simple question – How Healthy I am?

Identity – What do you think who should be more famous for me - The street side snacks dealer in my hometown whose snacks I miss every now and then or Mr. Bachchan whom I have never met personally and of course never miss anything about him? Is the number of people who know you a measure of your identity? I don’t think so because in that case we would have seen some sort of ‘visibility number’ against every celebrity in the magazines by now. May be some sort of such comparative number for identity could have helped people bring out their best to have bigger identity and also, the world could have got more out of its people.

Change – Can we measure Change? It can be big or small but can we give a number and a unit to it? This might sound too complex but I believe if can have a measure for change, changes could have been easier. It could have been more certain and more manageable. I wonder once we have a measure for change, would change remain as change anymore?

Success – All of the above – Knowledge, Life, Health, Emotion, Change define success in one or the other way. Everyone lives in this world to be successful. But unfortunately, we do not have a measure of it. Throughout our life we struggle to find how successful we are?

And I guess, it is more because only you can know what Success means to you but trust me most of times you yourself will not know. Time/Money/Happiness/Health/Family we want it all but never in our life we come to know what mix of all of these would give us the highest success number!!

Like they say in ‘Royal Stag’ commercial – Have I made it large? I would say I am one of the serious victims of this question. If ever, someone makes an objective measure for success, I am sure I will be among the first ones to use it!!!

In the last 3 years of my blogging, I ‘feel’ this blog to be my favourite by far but again I don’t know how to measure this favouritism!!!

May be somethings are not just meant to be measured!!!

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