Learning to be 'Sappy'

8th Nov, 2013 - 1915 hrs local time, I am writing this from Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris while waiting for the boarding of my flight to Dubai. And the reason I have to write it right now is the mixed feeling I am having at this moment. I see both happy and sad faces around. But more interestingly, some like me, are neither happy nor sad or may be both happy and sad at the same time. On one hand I am excited to be home soon but on the other hand I am sad to go through the long tiring flight of 7 hours again!!!

Life is a roller coaster ride! Everyone believes in that and lives with it. But just imagine if you are rising and falling at the same time…like being sandwiched in the concurrent gears where one is moving clockwise and the other anti-clockwise.  Surely it will be a big mess!

Last few months have probably been the same for me and eventually made me learn this word – “Sappy”: Being Sad and Happy at the same time. Those who are around me, know why! Anyways, to me Life is nothing else but ‘Living In Funny Events” but unfortunately this funny-ness is not always funny. The irony of the fact is that while we can absorb any amount of happiness whenever it comes to us but we get worried by small little jerks in life at times and thanks to our spiral thoughts; we do our best to let this jerk turn into a tornado in our lives. God save u when we really have a tornado at first place.

I am confused whether ‘Sappy’ is a natural transition when you move from sadness to happiness or is it a quest to be happy which forces you to do things that would possibly bring some happiness in your life while you are completely broken? Whatever it is, I seriously feel it’s a very powerful state that has the capability to turnaround the things around you if you wish. This is exactly like stretching the string of ‘bow with an arrow’ where either you drop the arrow while feeling the pain in your fingers or just feel the power you have brought in the arrow by stretching the string and aim & hit the bull’s eye.

It all depends on whether we learn to make peace with our past and work towards a better future. In other words, can we be ‘sappy’ consciously!?? Your past might pull you back making you sad every now and then but what can really work is gathering small little happiness and fighting your way out!

Life is a journey where unfortunately we remember only the past but the fact is that, if at all we can change something, it is the future!!!


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